Zach Bryan Tells The Story Of An ‘Oklahoma Smokeshow’ Looking To Escape In His New Video

Budding country superstar Zach Bryan is one of this year’s most promising acts. From dropping the buzzy single “Something In The Orange,” to openly chastising Ticketmaster and their grifting ways, to advocating for trans rights, Bryan stands out in his genre.

Today (May 1), Bryan has released the music video for “Oklahoma Smokeshow,” a standout from his 34-track album, American Heartbreak. The song tells the story of a beautiful young woman, who has dreams to leave, but alas, is stuck in her small hometown. Despite the fact that several guys are vying for her attention, she finds many of them uninteresting and unfulfilling.

“She’s an Oklahoma smokeshow / He’s an asshole from back home / She’ll never make it out alive / That small-town bar scene / Where small vices kill your big dreams / He’d take you home but he’s too drunk to drive,” sings Bryan on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s video, a young woman is seen moving about her hometown, and while she seems to have no trouble finding any guy, at the end of the day, she wants nothing more than to leave that town.

You can watch the “Oklahoma Smokeshow” video above.

Zach Bryan is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.