Speedrunning Competition

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Speedrunning Competition – Starts May 2nd

I recently announced that the demo will be dropping on the 2nd May (tomorrow!!), and now I’m excited to announce that I’ll also be hosting a speedrunning competition alongside it!

Once the demo is available, you’ll be able to try and become the world’s fastest and compete with other members of the community! There’ll be prizes for the top competitors, so make sure you take a screenshot of your map – this is where we can see your best times!

Updated information about prizes, winners being announced and rules can be found over on Twitter, or you can join the Discord and chat to the community and see how fast everyone is going!

If speedrunning isn’t your jam, still check out the demo over on Steam! RunMan Turbo is a short, casual game where there’s no pressure to compete with anyone but yourself!

Gotta go fast, yo!

RunMan Turbo

RunMan Turbo