Katherine Ryan shows off impressive pool and patio at incredible London home

KATHERINE Ryan and partner Bobby Kootstra have given fans a glimpse of their impressive swimming pool at their family home in London.

The couple were visited by social media sensation the Pool Guy this week to give their swimming bath a springtime spruce up.

Katherine Ryan has a pool at her London home


Katherine Ryan has a pool at her London homeCredit: Instagram
It recently had a spruce up after a winter under cover


It recently had a spruce up after a winter under coverCredit: Instagram

Murky water was soon looking clear and inviting again after the cleaning expert applied his magic.

He was rewarded with a nice hot cuppa as he admired his handiwork.

The inviting family home also has a large garden with a healthy lawn lined by tall trees that leads from the pool and patio area.

While the home is the epitome of domestic bliss, Katherine, 39, recently shared concerns her funnest times might be behind her.

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“I was really happy with my daughter,” said Katherine, who is now in a civil partnership with Bobby, 40, with whom she has a younger son and daughter.

“I’m not one of those mothers who needs time away from my kids, I want to be with them as much as possible.

“Well, now they kind of annoy me because there’s three of them — but when Violet was little, she never bothered me.

“She was my best friend, the love of my life. I’m actually quite nervous that my decade of being a single mother to Violet, and of struggling and being poor . . . I’m ­worried that might have been the best time of my life.

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“I don’t know if I’ll have another decade that was so joyous.”

Katherine and Bobby, who works in broadcasting, have son Fred, 21 months, and daughter Fenna Grace, who was born in December.

But it is sensible Violet, 13, whose father has never been publicly named, that has the naturally outspoken Katherine perplexed.

She explained: “I’m struggling with Violet’s desire to be very ordinary. I’m a bit disappointed that that’s the way it is, but I understand I’m the exception.

“It’s totally normal for kids to want to blend in. It’s funny because I would walk around school saying I was famous.

“I was bullied for a time, just for being an unusual child in a small-minded, small town.

“I was friends with other strange children. And we had a lovely time but they’d get upset and say, ‘We’re being talked about’.

“And I’d say, ‘Yeah, we’re famous. Everybody talks about us and goes out of their way to say nasty things to us. We’re famous!’

“I’ve always had that experience of being looked at, or singled out, or being different. And I think I wanted to own that.”

Katherine, who presents podcast Katherine Ryan: Telling Everybody Everything, has vowed to protect Violet’s privacy as she gets older.

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She says: “Violet has always seen I’m a person with a career and she knows the difference between what ‘TV Katherine Ryan’ does and who I am. I am very careful about her privacy.

“So the older she gets, I don’t talk about things in her life any more. I wish I could talk on stage all about the trials and tribulations of 13-year-old Violet but I can’t. I do have a moral compass in that regard.”

Katherine has three children, two of which with partner Bobby Kootstra


Katherine has three children, two of which with partner Bobby KootstraCredit: Instagram / Katherine Ryan
Katherine says her partner Bobby adores the perks of being with a TV star


Katherine says her partner Bobby adores the perks of being with a TV starCredit: PA