No Labels’ Pitch to Donors Pretends Joe Biden Doesn’t Exist

“No Labels is really serious about this,” said Third Way’s Aliza Astrow, who wrote the think tank memo on No Labels’ 2024 plans. No Labels has already raised $46 million for the run “with the goal of raising $70 million. And so even a candidate without a whole lot of appeal or a whole lot of charisma, with that much money, could peel away enough support to do real damage.”

Astrow pointed out that the number of states No Labels is targeting as part of its 2024 effort includes more Democratic states than Republican states. “No Labels says that their candidate would pull support from both sides,” Astrow said. “But they put out this map that you can see in their memo, which highlights the states that they’re targeting for their run. And they’re targeting way more blue states than red states.”

She continued: “So if you look at where they got on the ballot so far, they got on in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon—which are states that Biden won—and they’re completely avoiding deep red states like Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma. But they’re targeting Illinois, Washington state, Oregon, Virginia, Minnesota. They’re clearly targeting far more blue states than they are red states. Even if they’re saying, ‘Oh, we’re not going to be a spoiler. We’re going to pull support equally from Republicans and Democrats,’ in terms of where they’re targeting, that’s clearly not true.”