I’m a hot mum – parents tell me my outfit is ‘inappropriate’ for school pick up… but I disagree

A HOT mum has claimed parents say her outfit is “inappropriate” for the school pick up – but she disagrees.

The TikTok user known as “MrsNicolexxx” took to the social media site to show off what she wore to her 90,000 fans.

Nicole took to TikTok to show what she wore on the school run


Nicole took to TikTok to show what she wore on the school runCredit: Tiktok/@mrsnicolexxx
The TikTok star says other mums thought her outfit wasn't appropriate


The TikTok star says other mums thought her outfit wasn’t appropriateCredit: Tiktok/@mrsnicolexxx

Nicole can be seen wearing a sleeveless back crop top and pink trousers and holds a matching top in her hand as she stands in front of the camera to the tune of Don’t Care What People Say.

The straps of her underwear are visible above her jeans.

She added the caption: “When the other mums don’t think you dress appropriately for school run.”

As she turns around she raises her right arm as if to ask what all the fuss was about.

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The short clip clearly hit a nerve with other users of the site and has notched up almost 15,000 views along with nearly 700 likes.

Many commentators agreed with her and couldn’t see what the problem was.

One person went online to say: “Nothing wrong with that.”

Another wrote: “Elegant. Stunning. Super beautiful. An angel from heaven.”

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While a third added: “Looks good to me.”

In January, another hot mum said she got dress coded by other mums who disapproved of her revealing outfits.

Mum-of-one Mia Boardman, 25, hit back a trolls in a TikTok video watched by more than 230,000 people.

The former Teen Mom UK star is a single mother to daughter Marliya, six.

And she says she is harshly judged for enjoying a social life – as well as what she wears on nights out.

Last year Mia, from Southampton, told The Sun’s Fabulous she is sick of being judged for her lifestyle.

Another mum confessed she feels sexier after having her three kids.

US-based Miss Natalie took to TikTok to admit that she feels ‘hotter’ after giving birth to her children.

Posting under the username @missnatalie.420, the 35-year-old sexy parent is not shy about flaunting her mum bod in skin-tight clothing and lacy lingerie.