Driver leaves rude note explaining why they’re taking up two parking spaces – but people are divided

A DRIVER who left a note on their car explaining why they took up two parking spaces as left people divided.

The unidentified motorist came under fire for their “entitled” parking but the car owner tried to justify their actions.

The motorist tried to justify why they had parked across two spaces


The motorist tried to justify why they had parked across two spacesCredit: Reddit

In an apparent response to a previous note left on their windscreen, the driver left a message claiming the car had been damaged and the repairs had cost hundreds of pounds to fix, saying the should be allowed the extra room to park.

The note said: “The reason I park in two spaces is because someone hit my car and drove off costing me £500 to get it repaired.

“So do not leave a note on my window. How would you like it done to you!”

A photo of the message was posted onto Reddit by an anonymous poster, which quickly drew attention from other users of the social media site.

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The author of the post wrote: “Note on the dash did not disappoint.”

The post quickly gained more than 300 replies and a lively debate broke out about who was right.

Although a few appeared to side with the driver, most commentators slammed the parking and mocked the note.

One person wrote: “If it’s ok for one, it’s ok for all, then the number of spaces is halved… Sure they wouldn’t be happy about that.”

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Another joked: “No you don’t understand, it’s only ok if you’ve been crashed into in the past.”

A third person added: “I’d be especially inclined to leave a note. Putting it next to their note so it’s obvious I knew.”

While someone else chipped in with: “Maybe if you parked better, people wouldn’t hit your car.”

A fifth said: “Idiot thinks one instance of bad luck now entitles them to two spaces.”

Another post said: “I didn’t really understand the note until I read the fifth exclamation mark.

“Three, even four wouldn’t have been clear enough. The fifth one completes it.”

It comes after a rude motorist left a controversial note on his car to avoid being ticketed.

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