Celebs warn MPs women must act like ‘bullies’ fighting for proper menopause care

WOMEN must act like “bullies” to fight for proper menopause treatment, Mariella Frostrup warned MPs.

The TV and radio presenter told the Commons’ Women and Equalities Committee that care is still not good enough.

Mariella Frostrup warned MPs that menopause care is still not good enough


Mariella Frostrup warned MPs that menopause care is still not good enoughCredit: PA

Mariella, 60, who set up campaign group Menopause Mandate last year, said: “Women of colour and working-class women have to be a bully to be heard when it comes to menopause.

“You have to walk in to your GP and say, ‘I want this, this and this’.

“A society is only as good as the way it elevates those who are in the weakest position.”

Ex Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman, 62, added: “I want the government to say we are going to have a model of menopause policies for the workplace.

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“When it comes from the top, all employers will listen and women will be helped and their families will be helped.”

It came as a report by the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch found mental health services are not taking menopause symptoms seriously enough.

Too many women are given anti-depressants when really they need hormone therapy, the report said.

Doctors must be better trained to manage mental health issues in women going through the change, the HSIB said.

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