How big is your carbon footprint?

March weather has been a rollercoaster ride with spring held back by cold and turbulence; a reminder that worse extremes will come if we do not reduce our carbon footprint.

One of the big problems for many of us is a lack of knowledge of how to change our lifestyles to stop making the situation worse. Even those with quite a good idea of how carbon footprints work do not have an easy way of measuring how they are doing.

A fun way to find out is the Climate Hero carbon calculator, a five-minute quiz on your lifestyle choices that gives you a personal carbon emissions figure. The questions are about where you live, how you heat your home, your methods of travel, what you eat and how you shop. It gives you a pat on the back for a good score and lets you know how close you are to “climate hero” status.

However, honesty is required to get to the greatest potential benefit. Based on your answers there is a series of useful hints on the amount of carbon saved for each change of lifestyle, so it gives everyone a way to feel they are doing their bit.

The Guardian

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