Steam Page and new DevLog!

Steam Page

Hi, everyone.

Finally, the game has its own page on Steam. A trailer for the game will be added soon.

Steam Store Capsule

This is not the final version of the page, it will change more than once and be replenished with new features.
I will be glad to support in the form of adding to the Wishlist.


  • Improved performance (increased FPS and game stability)
  • Improved game functions (was shitcode, now it’s more efficient shitcode, lol)
  • Added LOD, textures of different resolutions, etc.
  • Improved graphics (tweaked post-process, with weather settings, fog, etc.)
  • Implemented a bot on the ship that makes poom-poom on planes and can even shoot them down.
  • Improved loading of assets, including bullets, as it makes no sense to calculate each one, especially if it flies by.
  • Added sounds of shots, music, some SFX.
  • Added models to the background (now we are not always in an empty sea)
  • Improved saving progress, now it is more logical and seems to work correctly.
  • Added custom console for many functions and commands (including crosshair settings)
  • A lot of refactoring and processing, which are of little interest to anyone. 🙂



P.S. There is still a lot of work ahead, thanks to everyone who supports us. At the moment, seeing a large number of wishlist is a priority for us and I will know that I am doing it all for a reason. In turn, I will try to make the game better and update it periodically.