The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game: Release date and everything we know so far

CLASSIC horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has captured the attention of moviegoers for almost 50 years, and now gamers get to enjoy it too. 

A game based on the movie had been rumoured for years, after the success of games like Dead by Daylight and Blair Witch Project. 

A Texas Chainsaw Massacre game has been in the works for quite some time


A Texas Chainsaw Massacre game has been in the works for quite some timeCredit: Sumo Digital / Gun Interactive

The game finally surfaced a few years ago, and since then we’ve had a slow drip feed of information about it and its release. 

Here’s everything we know about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, including its release date. 

Are they making a Texas Chainsaw Massacre game? 

A Texas Chainsaw Massacre game was announced to be in development in 2021, after years of rumours that the classic film would be adapted into a game. 

The developers of the game call it “an asymmetrical horror experience”, meaning one powerful player will face off against multiple weaker players. 

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Little more information is known about the game, but we have seen some gameplay and the developers have shared bits and pieces here and there. 

It’s expected the game will play similarly to Dead by Daylight, another asymmetrical horror game that was quite popular among streamers and players. 

When is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game release date?

No exact release date has been set for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, which has been in development for almost three years.

The game’s Steam page listing simply says the game is “coming soon”, but it has said that since the game’s announcement in 2021.

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A press release sent out last year said that the developers were aiming for a 2023 release date, and the game has held some beta experiences which suggest it’s far along in development.

The best guess is that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game will be released sometime in the second half of 2023, likely towards the end of the year.

How much will Texas Chainsaw Massacre game cost?

Given the game is planning to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, it could be quite an expensive game, as games for those platforms often are.

The game’s developers have not given a price range, but some full priced games on those platforms have been sold for up to £70.

It’s unlikely that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will cost quite that much, however, as many expect it to be a budget release.

While we can’t know for sure, it’s safe to assume it will likely cost £50 or less, and may even fall into a budget range of under £30.

Who is making the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre game?

The development studio behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Sumo Digital, specifically its Nottingham studio, while the publisher is called Gun Interactive.

Sumo Digital is a British development studio, with individual studios spread all across the UK, in Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, and more.

The developer is best known for its work on LittleBigPlanet 3, a cute platformer game for the PlayStation 3 and 4, and for porting games to less powerful systems.

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Publisher Gun Interactive has been publishing smaller horror games since 2017, and published games like the Friday the 13th game and Layers of Fear 2.

Written by Oliver Brandt on behalf of GLHF.

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