TV tonight: Kathy Burke’s wonderfully uplifting documentary about getting older

Kathy Burke: Growing Up

10pm, Channel 4

“I don’t dye my hair and I’ve not got any grey – I put that down to no kids, no dicky and plenty of marijuana.” Ahead of turning 59, Kathy Burke is once again a wonderfully frank host in this uplifting documentary about getting older. In the first of two episodes (the second is on Thursday), she speaks to Jennifer Saunders (“How do you feel about being an old twat?”), Bill Bailey, who was Strictly’s oldest winner, a pensioner with a dominatrix side-hustle and a 76-year-old model who considers joining a co-housing scheme with a group of sprightly ninetysomethings. In doing this, Burke shows the reality of people who often feel “invisible” and lambasts the “crock of shit” anti-ageing industry. Hollie Richardson

The Bay

9pm, ITV1

The gritty drama’s fourth series opens with a house fire that destroys a family and makes several skulking suspects look guilty. DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) is on duty, dealing with her own family woes and police budget cuts. Spoiler alert: this episode contains the revelation that Busta Rhymes grew up in Morecambe. Hannah Verdier

Saving Lives in Leeds

9pm, BBC Two

More transformative surgery from the Leeds-based miracle workers: endocrine surgeons Sheila Fraser and Emma Collins consider cracking open 85-year-old Patricia’s chest to remove a large benign tumour on her thyroid gland; and one-year-old Maya needs specialised robotic surgery to remove a life-threatening cyst. Ali Catterall

The Piano

9pm, Channel 4

This week, members of the public play a piano in the middle of Birmingham New Street train station, unaware that pop star Mika and world-renowned pianist Lang Lang are watching from afar. Hopefuls include Matthew, a blind 34-year-old piano tuner with perfect pitch. Micha Frazer-Carroll

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA

10pm, W

This week, Dooley and her suitcase show up on the doorstep of Quran and Cheryl – an interracial couple with a 37-year age gap – in Georgia. Dooley wants to know if it’s true love or a TikTok scam, but the real challenge to her rictus grin is the nocturnal noises coming from the bedroom. Ellen E Jones

Love, Faith & Me: My Hindu Coming Out Story

10.40pm, BBC One

How do you reconcile your faith and your sexuality? After drifting away from the Hindu community in the decade since he came out, Anish, 28, feels a new impetus to celebrate his religion and being openly gay. His attempts to find equilibrium include an emotionally fraught return to the school where he was bullied. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

‘I’m not going up there’ … Alec Secareanu and Carla Juri in Amulet.
‘I’m not going up there’ … Alec Secareanu and Carla Juri in Amulet. Photograph: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy

Amulet (Romola Garai, 2020), 11.10pm, Film4
Romola Garai’s debut as a feature writer-director is a far cry from her usual period drama roles. It’s an eerie horror film in which Tomas (Alec Secareanu), a former soldier living on the London streets, is lured by Imelda Staunton’s nun into staying with Magda (Carla Juri) in her mouldy, creaky house. But there’s also Magda’s old mother, locked in the attic … The film’s off-kilter menace – from Tomas’s fevered memories of his time at a forest checkpoint to the meaty stew Magda serves – is exquisitely manifested in a tale that twists the male urge to protect vulnerable women to fiendish ends. Simon Wardell

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