Astrologer Russell Grant reveals brain cancer battle after having tumour removed

RUSSELL Grant has revealed his brain cancer battle after having a tumour removed.

The famous astrologer and media personality confirmed that an “A Team” of doctors had completed the removal procedure.


Grant also gave thanks to “caring nurses” at Alex Hospital and YG Bangor hospital.

The grateful Strictly Come Dancing star broke the news in a tweet.

The post read: “Before Christmas I had a brain tumour removed by the A-Team Prof Pathmanban, Dr Bhalla, Dr Kearney, the caring nurses & Vicky Walsh of Alex Hospital Manchester & Dr Wilton YG Bangor.

“I’m now into recovery on @BrainTumourOrg Day.Thank you all.”

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The TV personality underwent a five-hour procedure just before Christmas to remove a tumour from his pituitary gland.

It was after doctors said it threatened to “blank out” his optic nerve.

The pituitary gland is a small structure, about the size of a pea, attached to the base of the brain behind the nose.

It lies in a small hollow in the skull, just below the eye, where it is protected by a part of the skull called the sphenoid bone.

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