TV tonight: a disturbing drama about the rise of rape culture in schools

10pm, Channel 4

Emma Dennis-Edwards has written a queasy drama about sexual abuse and harassment in schools that gets under the skin and is excruciating from beginning to end. Set in a private school, it follows scholarship student Natalie, who doesn’t remember having sex with classroom crush Archie. But the boys in his “#slutsandstuff” WhatsApp group (including skin-crawling Raffy, played by David Tennant’s son Ty) know exactly what happened. Hollie Richardson

Know Your Sh!t: Inside Our Guts

8pm, Channel 4

This hit new series continues to be surprisingly upbeat and genuinely helpful. Dropping into Lisa and Alana’s Poo HQ today are two women whose guts put them off dating: yoga teacher Ashara has Crohn’s disease and businesswoman Carmel gets “wet wind”. HR

The Shamima Begum Story

9pm, BBC Two

The Shamima Begum Story
Revealing her version of events … The Shamima Begum Story. Photograph: Joshua Baker/BBC

Threat to society or victim of grooming and trafficking? One thing that can be agreed on when it comes to Shamima Begum is that she is one of the UK’s most controversial figures. In this absorbing documentary, she tells her full account to investigative journalist Josh Baker. We also hear from her estranged husband, Islamic State members and lawyers who worked on her case. HR

24 Hours in A&E

9pm, Channel 4

In need of urgent care in Nottingham this week is 21-year-old Connor, whose motorbike crash leaves him with leg and lung injuries – a predicament given extra jeopardy when we hear about his unusual, difficult upbringing. Meanwhile, a man with locked-in syndrome is fighting for breath and, over in minor injuries, a hurt wrist prompts reflection. Jack Seale

The Family Pile

9.30pm, ITV1

Nicole has always been the unofficial boss of the family, but as the death admin and house clearance chores pile up, a rebellion brews among the sisters. Yvette and Gaynor busy themselves with minor irritations, but it seems Ursula is facing a more serious challenge. Ellen E Jones

Big Zuu’s Big Eats

10pm, BBC Three

The Bafta-winning Dave series continues with a double-bill. The affable host plus sidekicks Tubsey and Hyder fly to “the Isle of Mandem” to rustle up a Manx feast for Josh Widdicombe before returning home to surprise London Hughes with a meaty menu. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

David Earl as Brian and Chris Hayward as Charles in Brian and Charles.
David Earl as Brian and Chris Hayward as Charles in Brian and Charles. Photograph: Courtesy of Focus Features

Brian and Charles (Jim Archer, 2022), Prime Video
Nominated for an outstanding British film Bafta, Brian and Charles is a gorgeous, joyful gutpunch. David Earl (also co-writer) plays a scientist who, wounded by a long period of isolation, builds a robot companion out of bits of washing machine and a mannequin head. If that sounds like the saddest film of all time, you’re right. But if it also sounds like a high-concept, laugh-out-loud comedy, the sort of ridiculous handmade hodgepodge that looks as if it was flung together in an attempt to be the most stupid thing ever conceived, you’re also right. That Brian and Charles can marry both tones at all is a miracle, but it manages to do so seamlessly. Just a perfect film. Stuart Heritage

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