I’m a vet – five things I would never do to my pup including when I’d never let them wear a collar

A VET has revealed the top five things she would never do with her pet dog.

Veterinary nurse Tess Nolan has amassed over 364k followers and 19 million likes on TikTok thanks to her pet advice.

There's one time you should never keep a collar on your furry friend


There’s one time you should never keep a collar on your furry friendCredit: Getty
Tess Nolan revealed five things she would never do with her dog


Tess Nolan revealed five things she would never do with her dogCredit: tessvetnurse

In one such video, the vet said: “Five things that I would never do with my own dog knowing what I know as a vet nurse.”

The first thing the dog expert revealed she would never do was let her dog wear a collar unsupervised.

She said: “I wouldn’t let her wear a collar or a Bandana or anything like that around her neck while she was at home alone.”

Next, the vet revealed that should never let her dog walk off the leash next to a road no matter how well-trained they are.

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She explained: “I’ve seen way too many accidents happen this way, even from the most obedient dogs.”

Tess added that she would rarely take her dog to a dog park or at all due to the number of dog fights that can happen there.

“The most kind of dog fights or incidences that we see come straight from the dog park,” she revealed.

While it may seem obvious to most of us, the vet nurse revealed she would never leave her dog in a hot car, even if it was just for two minutes.

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Finally, the nurse advised against throwing sticks for your dog to chase after.

She wrote in the comments: “They can cause punctures to your dog’s soft palate, around the mouth and trachea! Awful to see – they are called stick injuries.”

The video has since gone viral with over 60k views and 4,000 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “I’ve actually never thought about the collar one, but if it was tight enough it wouldn’t get caught on things but then again anything can happen.”

Another person commented: “Dog parks are a big no from me. Completely ruined my babe’s personality towards other dogs. Very reactive and scared now.”

“100% with you on all of these,” penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “The collar one! Once walked into my dog with it in her mouth with a leg through as well! she only wears one out.”

“My dogs never wear a collar indoors. But everyone tells me it’s rare,” claimed a fifth.