‘Gunther’s Millions’ Tells Story of German Shepherd Who Was Said to Have Inherited Millions From a Countess

In 2000, Madonna sold her massive Miami mansion for $7.5 million. The buyer? A dog.

The true story of that dog, a German Shepherd named Gunther IV, is the focus of the new Netflix docuseries “Gunther’s Millions.”

It turns out that the dog did not inherit $400 million, though he did move into the mansion with a group of models.

It was all part of an elaborate scheme thought up by a publicity-loving pharmaceutical heir hoping to avoid paying taxes.

“The story was phenomenal. It just wasn’t real,” realtor Sam DiBianchi tells Inside Edition.

It could be real, though, she points out.

“As crazy as this story sounds it actually could happen because of trust laws,” says DiBianchi. “You can give things to your dog, you can set your dog up, you can have this wonderful life and it’s not that far fetched.”

New York City property scion Leon Helmsley famously left $12 million to her dog in her will.

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