Viral iPhone hack lets you read deleted texts on iPhone – and it’s so easy

IPHONE owners ought to know that text messages are not gone forever when you delete them.

At least not immediately.

What will you find hiding in the Recently Deleted folder?


What will you find hiding in the Recently Deleted folder?

The iPhone has a recycling bin a bit like on a computer.

Which means purged stuff can be recovered – and even read.

So if you’ve deleted some sensitive stuff, remember that it’s not left this world entirely yet.

Equally, if you’ve accidentally got rid of something you can reverse your error.

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On iPhone, it’s called Recently Deleted.

Messages you thought were long gone stay there for up to 40 days.

After that they’re automatically deleted forever.

So how do you find this mysterious folder?

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It’s tucked away within the Messages app, as TikToker Petty White reveals.

Tap the Edit button in the top left.

You should see Show Recently Deleted.

If you don’t, it means you have no deleted messages left to restore – they must have reached their expiry.

The page shows messages you’ve received, as well as a day counter at the end of each.

This is to tell you how much longer you have before the message is automatically deleted forever.

You can tick each one you wish to delete or recover and tap the corresponding buttons below.

Or, you can tap Delete All or Recover All for every single message left there.

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