Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to Brits booking their next holiday – common mistake could cost you thousands

MARTIN Lewis has issued an urgent warning for Brits to buy their travel insurance as soon as they book their holiday.

The MoneySavingExpert founder told his ITV show that following his advice could avoid the “heartbreaking” situation of not getting a full refund if something goes wrong.

Martin Lewis has advice for the best time to buy travel insurance


Martin Lewis has advice for the best time to buy travel insuranceCredit: ITV

Travel insurance is there to help if something goes wrong before or during your trip.

It can help cover costs if flights are cancelled, your airline goes bust or if you need medical assistance when abroad.

Millions are booking their summer holidays just now, said Martin.

But every Spring he gets contacted by people who are unable to travel because, for example, they become seriously ill asking if there’s anything they can do.

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“I always say ‘go to your travel insurer’ and so many people say to me ‘I haven’t got my travel insurance yet, I was going to get it before I went,” he said.

 “Get is ASAB – as soon as you book because otherwise I am left impotent and my answer is ‘no, there isn’t anything that you can do.

“Please do not be the person who sends me that heartbreaking email this year.

“Get yourself some protection so if you can’t go on the holiday not just if something goes wrong when you are on the holiday.”

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If you’re travelling in Europe remember to check if your EHIC/GHIC card is valid.

The cards are free for Brits and it is advised to take them on holiday as it gives you access to healthcare across the EU for the same prices as a local.

But holidaymakers should still take out travel insurance as the GHIC does not cover all medical emergencies.

The cards are only used for necessary medical treatment and not for non-urgent care.

It’s also important to be aware that some packaged bank accounts offer travel insurance which can beat standalone policies.

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