Peripeteia Bi-weekly Screenshot Update: Ironic Beliefs and An Alternate Look

This time it’s two map updates from previous Screenshot Saturdays.

Peripeteia Steam:



January 7th: Alternate Look

“Two ladies! They are gonna shoot enemies together!” – my 3 year old upon seeing Marie celebrating the New Year with her alter-ego/alternate skin.

She’s still awaiting rigging so all the new Marie can do is stand and stare in horror as her T-pose paralysis demon gets closer.

[embedded content]

Song is a yet-to-be-released track by CC67/Lotchek

December 31st: Ironic Beliefs

“Across the wired and in the city, strange beliefs and stranger people reside. Old gods, old rituals, revived, but only “ironically”… unless it works.”

[embedded content]

Featuring bangin “Broken Hack 0.0.1” from System ST91:

From the Ghost in the Shell-inspired album “MindHacker – ZERO”.

Help complete its production by buying ST91 a ko-fi: