Last chance to save $180 on Lego’s epic Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon for Cyber Monday

There’s not much time left to nab the Millennium Falcon at a starry-eyed discount price this Cyber Monday.

The iconic Star Wars ship is sitting at just $669.99, meaning the Lego Star War UCS Millennium Falcon is $180 off (opens in new tab) at the website Zavvi. To fly like Solo and Rey you will have to use the discount code BFFALCON at checkout. 

It’s not often that this famous ship goes on sale, and it actually improved from earlier in the weekend. At first it was only $100 off, but now it’s an incredible $180. If you live in the UK, you can grab this set at a reduced price of £734.99 (opens in new tab).

We’re not sure just how many Falcon models are in the hanger at Zavvi, so if you’re looking to add this incredible deal to holiday shopping you will have to move on this swiftly as Cyber Monday is almost over. It’s usually very popular. Last year, this set was a  40% off at Amazon, but it sold out fast (think minutes) and that sale did not come back again at Amazon.

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Lego’s Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon ship (opens in new tab) is one of the most famous starships in the Star Wars series. It has an epic history, just like the film and TV franchise. The set was first released in 2017 and has 7,541 pieces, plenty to keep you entertained over the holidays. 

When fully assembled, it is an impressive 22 inches wide, 33 inches long and 8 inches tall (about 56 centimeters wide, 84 cm long and 20 cm tall), and weighs a whopping 37 pounds (17 kilograms). (That’s probably the size of a child Ewok.)

We actually bought one in 2017 when the set came out and can say it was an absolute joy to build, but also time-consuming (it took us 6 days). The amazingly large model can be modified to resemble the Falcon from the original Star Wars films or the sequels, with removable panels on its top to expose living areas like the Dejarik game table and arch where Princess Leia first kissed Han Solo. 

It also comes with several different Lego minifigures: Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3PO and Chewbacca from the early Star Wars movies; with Old Han Solo, Rey and Finn from the sequel series rounding out the crew. The droid BB-8, a Mynock and two Porgs complete the set. 

While it is large (you’ll want a lot of table space for display), my colleague Jordan Miller found it remarkably sturdy in our Lego Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon review. “Part-technic set, the core of the Millennium Falcon is a rock-solid foundation of bricks that make it feel heavy, sturdy, and crucially, possible to move without feeling like it’s all going to break apart,” they wrote.

So if you’re looking for a centerpiece of your Lego Star Wars collection, or just a fun and intricate build to pass the time, this deal is one you’ll likely not want to miss. 

If you are looking for something a bit smaller (and at a lower price), Zavvi is offering $70 off a Lego Star Wars UCS Republic Gunshi (opens in new tab) and this will likely fly away soon, too, as Cyber Monday runs down. The set is marked down from its $399.99 price to $329.99 in a deal at checkout with the code BFGUNSHIP. This deal, too, got better over the weekend, with Zavvi knocking an extra $10 of a previous $339.99 offer.

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