Woman Punched Onto NYC Subway Tracks Credits Gwen Stefani Concert Experiences With Being Able to Save Herself

A 22-year-old woman brutally attacked in the New York City subway credits her dedication as a Gwen Stefani fan for her ability to save herself after being thrown onto the tracks.  

The unnamed Brooklyn woman was on her way home from work and had just gotten off the train in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn when a man she didn’t know punched her and pushed her onto the subway tracks last month. 

“Being in the tracks, that’s what gives me nightmares,” she told Fox 5 News. “That was the most scary thing of my life. 

After landing on the tracks, she said she realized there was no one around to save her and she would have to pull herself back onto the platform or risk getting run over by a train. So what was the first thing that came to her mind? It was popstar Gwen Stefani.

The super-fan said she often goes to the singer’s shows dressed like Stefani and has been called on stage as a result. 

“It’s because Gwen’s called me on stage so many times,” the woman said. “That’s why my body knew what to do.” 

After pulling herself up onto the platform, the woman was able to sprint out of the station.  

When asked what she would want to say to Stefani, the woman said, “I love Gwen, of course, I would like to thank her so much.”  

While her bruises have healed, she is still on edge.  

“I am scared every day; it’s always going to be like this,” she said. “I am never going to be the way I was.”

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