Proposal for 49-storey building at northeast corner of Pape and Danforth avenues submitted

The City of Toronto has received applications under the Planning Act to amend zoning bylaws for two new highrise buildings in prominent East Toronto locations, including a proposal for a 49-storey mixed-use building at the northeast corner of Danforth and Pape avenues.

First submitted on Aug. 3, the proposed 49-storey building will be located at 654-656 and 658-668 Danforth Ave. and 717-723 Pape Ave. which is just south of the entrance to the Pape Subway Station.

The proposal has been made by the Goldberg Group on behalf of property owners Del Boca Vista Properties Inc. & 717 Pape Inc.

It calls for three levels of underground parking and will include 496 units. The ground level will have a shared residential and office lobby. Facing Danforth Avenue and a portion of Pape Avenue will be retail and commercial spaces.

The proposal states that the third to fifth floors will be strictly for office spaces and floors six to 49 will be reserved for residential use only.

Also included on the 49th floor will be a mechanical penthouse and an indoor and outdoor amenity space. Additionally, there will also be indoor amenity spaces on the sixth and seventh floors as well as another outdoor amenity space on the sixth floor.

The building will have 29,756 square metres of residential gross floor area (GFA) and 4,743 square metres of non-residential GFA.

Another application for a 27-storey residential building at 16, 20 and 26 Cosburn Ave., just east of Broadview Avenue, was submitted to the City of Toronto on Apr. 26. Though on the east side of Broadview Avenue, it will overlook the Don Valley to the west.

The 20,064-square-metre residence will include a six-storey podium and an on-site park that will be about 215 square metres in size.

The proposal has also been made by the Goldberg Group, this time on behalf of owners 1000022450 Ontario In.; 1000022453 Ontario Inc.; and 1000022478 Ontario Inc.

The proposed building will have 272 units. There will also be a 223-square-metre privately owned, but accessible to the public, space in front of the building and 69 parking spaces across three underground parking levels. For cyclist residents, there will also be 273 bicycle parking spaces according to the proposal.

Currently at this location is a three-storey residential rental building (20 Cosburn Ave.) and low-rise residential buildings. According to a Rental Housing and Screening Form submitted to the City of Toronto, there are about six units on the present site

Applications for both proposals have been circulated to City of Toronto divisions for feedback according to the Development Application Information Centre, and will have to be considered by Toronto-East York Community Council.

Public input meetings will also have to be scheduled for both proposals as part of the application process, but those dates have yet to be set.

Although rent prices have seen a drastic hike in the past year, it is currently unclear whether these buildings will include affordable units.

For more information on these and other development proposals, please go to the Toronto Application Information Centre website at and type in the address of where the proposal is located.

Amarachi Amadike, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Beach Metro Community News