Hailey Bieber-approved Brand EB Denim Drops Fall 2022 Collection

Los Angeles-based brand EB Denim has just unveiled its Fall 2022 collection, delivering new denim pieces that are dying to be seen.

The star of the show are the Gemini jeans as the inventive style is expertly crafted from two separate jeans, representing the spirit of the zodiac’s charming twins. Months in the making, the reworked vintage denim jeans is founder Elena Bonvicini’s favorite and most intricate piece she’s ever created. The jeans spend four weeks in the wash and are crafted with 100 different pattern pieces to achieve the dual vintage tones, resulting in a truly unique style.

Elsewhere in the collection, lace-up shorts add a heavy dose of grit and grunge, nodding to the indie sleaze resurgence. Meanwhile, the female-fronted brand reimagines scraps into uber-cool belts, resulting in a “super cute, yet sustainable accessory.” Bonvinci shares over email, “I am proud to present a few non denim pieces including the Cowl buckle dress is my ideal mini dress. She’s comfortable, sexy, and has a touch of silver.”

Take a look at EB Denim’s Fall 2022 collection in the gallery above.