Should you flick your eyeliner down instead of up? ‘Puppy liner’ fans think so

The hack
Pulling your eyeliner downwards for “puppy-dog eyes” appeal.

The test
TikTok has just discovered puppy liner, a longstanding Korean beauty trend that subverts the usual upwards liner flick and turns it downwards instead. It’s quite timely for me, as I realised recently that for my entire makeup-wearing life I had been doing an upwards flick in attempt to “fix” my almond-shaped eyes – because that’s what I’d been told to do by magazines or makeup counter advisers since my teens.

But it is empowering to move away from these ideas of “correction”, plus, rather than going straight out, or upwards, my eye shape does naturally point downwards – so I thought I would give puppy liner a go. I used a liquid liner to line my eyes, sticking close to the natural lash line, then, as I got to the outer corner, instead of flicking them upwards as usual, I simply followed the line downwards a smidgen. We’re talking a maximum of a couple of millimetres.

The verdict
I genuinely think it makes my eyes look a little wider, plus the joy of not having to try to create symmetrical liner wings is a blessed relief and a huge timesaver. One tip: liquid liner with a fine applicator works best for this – try Makeup By Mario Master Mattes Liquid Liner (£24).

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