Donald Trump’s recent open embrace of QAnon raises concern as group is tied to violence

Trump embrace of QAnon draws concern amid violence connected to group

The FBI has investigated QAnon for violence and domestic extremism for years, and warns its followers will likely “act as a catalyst” for future attacks — including against the U.S. government

  • Former President Donald Trump is now openly embracing the QAnon religious conspiracy group.
  • The FBI has long monitored the group and arrested many followers for violent crimes and attacks.
  • Experts say Trump’s support could galvanize the group’s followers to commit more violence.

WASHINGTON —In recent weeks, former President Donald Trump has openly embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory in his social media postings and at political rallies, even as the number of real-world violent episodes – including killings – associated with the group continue to grow. 

Trump’s Saturday rally in Youngstown, Ohio, raised concern when he spoke over a signature song tied to the group while his supporters raised their pointer fingers skyward in support.  

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