HORROR LEGENDS is on SALE for 80% off, and all the DLC is 50% off till September 26th! Play our TRICK-OR-TREAT HALLOWEEN EVENT till November!

TRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN EVENT(Available now till November)

Put on your Halloween Mask and go Trick-or-Treating in the world of Horror Legends! Each Cast member has a special unlockable Halloween Mask, unlock them all!

Trick-or-Treat candy bowls have returned, interacting with the bowl will give you a 70% chance of getting a piece of Halloween candy or a 30% chance of getting tricked with a Zombie Cast member! Be careful these zombies might be ravenous!

When you die in Cast Pregame you will respawn as a Gourd.
Jack-O-Lanterns decorations have been placed on all the maps.
Cabin got a spooky makeover.

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