I’m an elegance coach – 10 popular fall fashion trends which are actually really tacky

WITH the onset of fall and slightly cooler temperatures approaching, it’s time to whip out classic cozy outfits.

But one elegance coach is cautioning women on which common looks and pieces in our wardrobes are too basic or tacky to wear this season.

Elegance coach Anna Bey shared her tips on what not to wear in the fall


Elegance coach Anna Bey shared her tips on what not to wear in the fallCredit: YouTube/ Anna Bey
She thinks Teddy coats are too bulky and make you lose your shape


She thinks Teddy coats are too bulky and make you lose your shapeCredit: Getty

Anna Bey teaches people how to appear elegant and feminine when it comes to style and etiquette. She shared her tips for which 10 fall fashions to steer clear of if you want to look elevated.

Anna warned against wearing popular looks in unproportionate styles

The elegance coach acknowledged that plaid shirts are peak Pinterest fall fashion inspiration. While she thinks plaid can look “traditional, chic, and elegant,” she doesn’t think it applies to flannels.

“If you put that plaid on some oversized sloppy shirt … that looks very downgraded, very masculine, and like you don’t care,” Anna said. 

She then admitted that she’s keen on oversized knitted sweater dresses, but only in some cases.

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“This look is approved by me as long as the dress is long enough,” she said.

“I’ve seen some horror examples of ladies wearing just a knitted jumper [sweater],” Anna said, adding, “It’s probably not long enough to wear as a dress, and then they wear it as a dress.”

Anna recommended being mindful of the length and suggested wearing something underneath as well for added warmth.

She finds some outerwear to be unflattering and inappropriate 

Anna made it clear that she despises the popular Teddy coat style, which she calls a “morning robe” and says can make you look like the Michelin Man.

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“It actually widens you because it doesn’t have a shape,” she said, adding that the bulk material makes “you look broader, bigger, masculine, and lose your shape.”

Instead, she recommends opting for a sleeker coat with a thinner material or cinched waist.

She also suggests limiting your cargo jackets or utility pieces to appropriate outdoor use.

“Kate Middleton does wear cargo and it works perfectly fine for her, but she would only wear it for the right activity; not when she’s living her everyday life in town,” Anna clarified.

Anna said thick knitted scarfs look too large and casual


Anna said thick knitted scarfs look too large and casualCredit: Getty

And to roundup her outerwear “don’ts,” Anna disapproved of chunky knitted scarves. She feels that they look like large donuts around peoples’ necks.

She couldn’t place her finger on why the style looked inexpensive, but she suggested looking for a more refined fabric or texture.

Black tights are only acceptable if paired with monochromatic pieces

Anna has mixed feelings about combining shorts with black tights in the fall. She says to take your body shape and the shorts’ style and color into consideration when pairing these pieces.

For example, she discourages women from wearing blue jean shorts or colorful shorts with dark tights.

“When there is a contrasting color, it breaks it off and you actually look shorter,” Anna clarified, suggesting that you stick to black or dark grey instead.

The same goes for pairing black tights with shoes, and most specifically ballet flats, which she is adamant should also be black.

“It’s one of my go-to looks in the fall and winter because [they] really elongate your legs,” Anna said. 

She also has strong opinions on shoe combinations

She also disapproves of wearing Chelsea boots with skinny jeans


She also disapproves of wearing Chelsea boots with skinny jeansCredit: Getty

While Chelsea boots are a staple item seen during the colder months, Anna warns about how women poorly wear them. 

“They love wearing skinny trousers or skinny jeans and that’s what makes them look so incredibly basic,” Anna said.

To avoid cutting off the leg and looking unflattering, Anna suggests wearing the booties under pant hems.

Another “basic” combination is leggings with thigh-high boots, which Anna says makes you look like you’re from “Plain Jane Land.”

“This, ladies, symbolizes, ‘I don’t care,’ ‘Who cares?’ ‘Whatever,’ ‘I can’t be bothered,’ and ‘I’m lazy’,” she explained

And lastly, Anna believes open-toe sandals are inappropriate for the fall and winter.

“You should already have put away all of your sandals, open toe shoes, et cetera,” Anna directed.

She acknowledged; however, that there are exceptions. The elegant coach said these heels may be most appropriate for evening gowns and that peep-toe shoes are still acceptable for the fall.

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