I’m a laundry pro – how I keep my bedsheets sparkling white with a 2-minute job

NOTHING devalues a bedroom quite like white sheets that turned dingy.

One laundry pro shared her secret to brightening up her white sheets.

Tiffany showed viewers how she keeps her white sheets bright


Tiffany showed viewers how she keeps her white sheets brightCredit: TikTok/@tiffanyandtheclean
She soaked her white sheets in a bleach solution


She soaked her white sheets in a bleach solutionCredit: TikTok/@tiffanyandtheclean

Tiffany is a homemaker who goes by the username @tiffanyandtheclean.

She took to TikTok to share her laundry hack for keeping her bed sheets sparkly white.

“I’ve had white bed sheets for years,” she prefaced. “Because honestly it’s much easier to look after them than colorful sheets.”

Tiffany described why white sheets are easier to maintain than non-white or patterned sheets.

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“You can basically mix and match any of them from any set because they’re all white,” she said. “However, I hate the look of yellowing sheets.”

She revealed her solution to unsightly, oxidizing white sheets.

“I do a bleach wash every two to three months to keep them looking good,” she revealed.

Her hack consisted of items that can easily be found in the home: a bucket, hot water, and clothing bleach.

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“Take your dirty sheets and fill up a bucket with hot water,” she advised. “Then add your clothing bleach, not the kind you use for your toilet.”

Then, she told viewers to push the sheets into the bucket, allowing them to saturate with the bleach solution.

“Wearing gloves, put your sheets in,” she instructed.

The hack also worked for white clothing.

“Sometimes I add other white clothing like my T-shirts or white fleeces and let soak for at least a few hours,” Tiffany said. “Sometimes I leave mine overnight.”

Tiffany advised viewers to wash the white fabrics in the washing machine following the bleach soak.

“Once they’re done soaking, wring out the water and put in your washing machine like you normally would, with soap and other clothes,” she said.

Finally, she dried the items as usual leaving them looking good as new.

“Once they’re done, just leave them out to dry,” she said.

She showed off her bright white sheets


She showed off her bright white sheetsCredit: TikTok/@tiffanyandtheclean