Angon Explained #6: World Map – Events

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As we covered in the last devlog, during your journey you will come across groups roaming the map, however they will not be the only encounters you will have. During a long journey, different situations can occur, such as robberies, ambushes, mysteries, explorations and other diverse events. These events will make you make decisions, which can trigger in bigger situations.

Roads of Angon

So-called “Road Events” can occur anytime and anywhere. They vary however depending on your location, with different events at each place on the map. They also differ in the environment you are in, for example forests, road, mountains or the sea.

Whether these events will be positive or negative will depend on several factors. Many of them will be imminent dangers whose only options are to flee or fight. Others will present you with dilemmas, moral and strategic. At other times they can be opportunities to acquire some property or resources, recruit people and increase your fame.

The fact is that what will really make a difference is how you react to each situation.

ROAD Event

(In-game event)

The “Road Events” is another element that will compose the world of Angon, providing immersion through dialogues with unique NPCs and events within the game’s universe. Along with the other elements of the game, we hope to achieve broad immersion, making the gameplay much more dynamic and unique.




(Some arts from in-game events)

Please note that these images are from the development that is in progress, so they may change in the final result!

See you soon!