Ford Mustang Wasn’t Satisfied With Just Taking Out Spectators So It Also Hit A Dodge Challenger

Street takeovers are becoming an increasingly bad problem throughout the United States and as police try their hardest to clamp down on them, it turns out that Ford Mustang drivers are making them even more dangerous.

The following video (frustratingly filmed in a mixture of portrait and landscape), was filmed at a busy intersection somewhere in the U.S. In the clip, the driver of a gloss black Ford Mustang can be seen doing donuts around a group of four men standing in the center of the road. While these men are standing in a very dangerous spot, they aren’t the ones that now know how much it hurts to be hit by a Mustang.

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As the driver continues doing donuts, he gets a little bit off line and drifts wide. Either unable to correct or not aware that he needed to correct, he ends up sliding directly into a black Dodge Challenger parked at the intersection. A number of spectators were also hit.

The force of the impact with the Dodge immediately pushes the Ford straight and while the driver quickly jumped on the brakes, a number of other spectators were hit before the car came to a stop.

The Redditor who posted the video claims that no one was seriously injured in the incident, which is fortunate as things could have been much worse. Had the Dodge Challenger not been parked where it was, for example, the Mustang would have drifted directly into the spectators and hit them with much more force.