LeBron James Had The Time Of His Life At A Kendrick Lamar Show In Vancouver

It has been an eventful summer for LeBron James as he gets ready for his 20th season in the NBA. After some vacation time, James has been busy on the pro-am circuit, popping up at the Drew League and The CrawsOver in L.A. and Seattle, while also showing up at various gyms to work with trainers throughout the summer.

He’s also had plenty to deal with regarding his team and their future, as he signed a two-year extension earlier this month and has been pushing behind the scenes for the Lakers front office to make more moves to turn the roster into a real contender. While the Lakers continue trying to appease those desires, most recently trading for Patrick Beverley and there still being the expectation Russell Westbrook is moved, James made a trip up to Vancouver with his wife, Savannah, for a little R&R.

On that trip, the James popped in to Kendrick Lamar’s stop on the Big Steppers Tour and other fans took some videos of LeBron and Savannah having the time of their lives dancing and singing along.

Kendrick appreciated the love from the James family and gave the couple a shoutout during the performance, ensuring the entire crowd knew the King was in the building.

During a break, the crowd broke into full on MVP chants for LeBron.

LeBron’s love of music is well known and he had such a good time at the show that he had to tweet some special appreciation to the city of Vancouver for all the love in his first visit to British Columbia and to Kendrick for putting on a great show.