Even A GOP Lawmaker Had To Admit Trump Should Have ‘Turned The Documents Over’

Did the person who finally took down Donald Trump wind up being Donald Trump? The former president seems to be losing control of the narrative concerning the boxes and boxes of classified documents FBI agents discovered all over the resort where he now lives. While folks like Jon Stewart aren’t ready to pop the champagne just yet, even some in the GOP have to admit, however reluctantly, that he might have screwed the pooch.

Retiring Missouri Republican senator Roy Blunt went on ABC’s This Week, all ready to try and spin Trump’s increasingly worrying antics, which may have severely compromised national security. Blunt did that, struggling to argue some minor points: that the Senate Intelligence Committee, on which he serves, weren’t alerted to any suspicious activity; that other figures have taken classified documents in the past; that it’s fishy that this is all coming to light so close to the midterms.

But host George Stephanopoulos wouldn’t let him spin too much. “You’re still not answering the question!” Stephanopoulos told Blunt. “You were critical of Senator Clinton, who actually turned over what she had, turned over all her devices. What we have here is a situation where the President did not turn over these documents. Can you say whether that was right or right or wrong? Do you believe it is right for the president to take those documents to Mar-a-Lago?”

But Blunt could dilly-dally no longer. “He should have turned the documents over, and apparently had turned a number of documents over,” Blunt replied.

When Blunt threw suspicion upon the investigation, wondering why it “could go on for almost two years and less than 100 days before the election,” Stephanopoulos replied, “Well, it went on because the President didn’t turn over the documents, correct? He was asked several times, he didn’t turn them over. He was subpoenaed. He didn’t respond to the subpoena.”

Eventually Blunt had to conclude that, while Trump turned over plenty of documents back in January, he “should have turned over all of them.” He then made an extraordinary claim about someone who has repeatedly, endlessly demonstrated he never learns from his mistakes: “I imagine he knows that now.”

In the meantime, Trump can always profess his innocence on his failing Twitter clone, at least as long as it’s still live.

(Via Mediaite)