After six deployments, he was ready to leave Afghanistan’s war. It followed him to Pennsylvania.

Army veteran draws Afghan refugees to his Pennsylvania hometown

After six deployments to Afghanistan, Matt Coburn was ready to leave the war behind him. Then came the disastrous U.S. withdrawal and a flood of pleas for help from his Afghan friends.

  • A small Pennsylvania town is now home to a growing Afghan refugee community.
  • He has sponsored or helped about 10 Afghan families who have moved to his community.
  • ‘You have to start from scratch,’ one Afghan-American advised the arriving refugees.

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. – When Matt Coburn retired from the U.S. Army in spring  2021, after six deployments to Afghanistan, the Green Beret was ready to leave the war behind.

He was haunted by memories of friends being killed or maimed, and he was mentally exhausted by the military’s bureaucracy.