Celebrate NASA’s Artemis 1 mission by sharing your ‘moon snaps’

NASA is looking for some shows of lunar enthusiasm in the leadup to the launch of its epic Artemis 1 mission.

The agency is asking people to share their “moon snaps” to celebrate Artemis 1, which is scheduled to launch on an uncrewed mission around the moon no earlier than Aug. 29.

“In anticipation of this monumental milestone, NASA wants to see, hear and experience all of your moon-inspired content — your moon photographs, your moon music, your moon recipes, your moon nail art, your moon makeup tutorials. The sky is not the limit!” agency officials wrote in a statement (opens in new tab).

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To participate, share photos or videos of your moon works, along with the tag #NASAMoonSnap, via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you do so, you may get a shoutout from the agency.

“Show everyone all your moon-inspired content with the hashtag NASAMoonSnap, and NASA will show some of them on social media and during the launch broadcast,” actor Jack Black said in a Moon Snap video (opens in new tab) that NASA posted on Monday (Aug. 8).

“We’re talking moon hats, moon photos, moon latte foam art,” Black said. “If it’s got a moon on it, send it in!”

You can learn more about the MoonSnap project via NASA here (opens in new tab).

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As its name suggests, Artemis 1 is the first mission in NASA’s Artemis program of lunar exploration. Artemis 1 will use a huge Space Launch System (SLS) rocket to send an uncrewed Orion spacecraft on a roughly six-week mission to lunar orbit and back. It will be the first mission for the SLS and the second for Orion, which went to Earth orbit back in 2014.

Artemis 1 is designed to show that SLS and Orion are ready to carry astronauts. If all goes well, Artemis 2 will take crewmembers to lunar orbit, perhaps as early as 2024.

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