Kim Kardashian and Pete Davison ‘split’ latest news – Fans mock comic’s Kim tattoo & demand she reunite with Kanye West

KIM Kardashian sent Kanye West fans into a frenzy promoting the rapper’s Yeezy line after her reported “split” from Pete Davison.

Kim posted a picture with daughter Chicago both decked out in Kanye’s sunglasses to Twitter and Instagram on Thursday – before it emerged that she and Pete may have gone their separate ways.

One insider told E! News on Friday, “[they] found that the long distance and their demanding schedules made it really difficult to maintain a relationship.”

The recent split prompted jokes from fans about reuniting with Kanye and Pete’s tribute tattoos to the star.

One Twitter user posted, “Pete Davidson’s tattoo removal guy just put a down payment on another boat.”

Other fans have taken to social media to post memes about Kanye’s reaction to the news.

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  • Reports of Pete being “fed up” with Kim’s weight obsession

    Ok! Magazine had reported last month that sources claimed Pete was “fed up” with Kim’s desire to become a size zero.

    A source told the publication, “Pete hates watching Kim push food around her plate at parties or restaurants and just wishes she’d enjoy herself.”

  • Fans believe Kim spent time with Kanye last month

    Fans had claimed Kim spent July 4th with Kanye instead of Pete, according to a previous article from The Sun.

    Photos of the couple declined this summer as Pete has been in Australia shooting a film.

  • Fans predicted the breakup

    The Sun had reported at the beginning of July fans were beginning to sense a breakup between Kim and Pete.

    A fan shared on a Reddit thread, “Anyone else getting the feeling that Pete being in Australia, Kim jaunting everywhere— that they’re on a break? I know the distance is due to working but idk…I just wonder if this is precursor to ‘our schedules are too complicated’, ‘timing is bad, etc. etc.”

    Fans also had noticed Kim’s close friend had posted a throwback photo with Kanye and Kim’s jet was allegedly reported in Los Angeles around the same time.

  • The two were sending love letters prior to split

    Elle Magazine had recently reported that the couple was sending each other love letters while Pete was in Australia.

    The source had stated, “The distance has been hard, but even communicating long-distance is exciting for them. [They] can’t get enough of each other.”

  • Prior to the breakup Kim was excited for Pete to come home

    Just a day before their reported breakup, a source told People that Kim was anxious to see Pete again.

    The source stated, “Kim loved visiting Pete in Australia in July. They had been apart for several weeks and they enjoyed a long weekend together.”

    The source added Kim was “just excited that he will be back in the U.S. soon.”

  • Pete referred to Kim for the first time in an interview

    Pete had referred to Kim as his “girlfriend” for the first time publically during an interview with Kay Adams.

    He stated that besides working he was either with friends or he liked to “chill with my girlfriend inside.”

  • Pete helped Kim through the divorce

    A source told People Magazine that Pete was crucial after Kim filed for divorce from Kanye.

    A source stated that “The end of her marriage was a very dark time for her and Pete has been the best antidote.”

    Kim filed for divorce in February around the time fans began to confirm her relationship with Pete.

  • The couple’s public appearances

    Prior to their reported split, the famous couple had made several public appearances together.

    Fans first speculated about the couple after a photo went viral of the two holding hands on a rollercoaster.

    One of their most notable appearances was at the 2022 Met Gala when Kim chose to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

  • Conan O’Brien one of the first celebrities to tweet about the split

    Conan O’Brien took the opportunity to joke about the breakup news.

    He tweeted a joke saying he knew about the breakup from Alex Jones’s lawyer.

    The joke is in reference to personality Alex Jones who is currently on trial.

  • “Pete” trending on Twitter

    The news of the couple’s split has everyone talking about the two celebrities.

    “Pete” has made it to the number two trending spot on Twitter under Entertainment.

  • Fans have mixed emotions to the split

    Twitter has lit up in response to the news of the couple’s breakup.

    While some tweet crying memes, others proclaim indifference, and some stand by the claim it was all for publicity.

  • Kanye stays silent amid rumors

    Kanye has been vocal about Kim and Pete’s relationship in the past but he has stayed silent since the news broke.

    The most recent tweet on his page was in November in regards to voting.

  • Kanye’s lawyer has stepped down

    Fans are wondering where Kim and Kanye stand now that Kim and Pete have reportedly split.

    The divorce is still progressing as Kanye’s lawyer officially steps down, E! News reports.

    The judge granted the request the same day news broke of Kim and Pete’s split.

  • Kim made the first move

    On the Kardashian’s new Hulu show, Kim admitted to making the first move on Pete.

    After they met on SNL, Kim had stated she felt a connection with him and called the producer to ask for his number.

  • The breakup happened this week

    A source confirmed to CNN that the two did break up sometime this week.

    So far, the reason has pointed to schedules and distance while Pete films a movie in Australia.

    Cosmopolitan had reported that Kim visited Pete on set at the end of July before the breakup.

  • Did they plan on having kids?

    Pete had opened up to Kevin Hart on his show saying that having kids is his “dream.”

    A source close to Kim had told HollywoodLife that she loved seeing Pete with her children and thought he would make an amazing father.

  • Source confirms Kimye divorce

    Despite rumors of a reunion, a source has revealed to E! News the divorce is “moving ahead.”

    The two are reported to still be co-parenting “happily.”

  • Kim has been legally since since March

    Since the split between Kim and Pete, fans have speculated Kim’s support of Kanye’s brand is a hint the two are back together.

    Despite this, the divorce has not been called off according to CNN and Kim has been legally single since March.

    This declaration came the same month Kim and Pete became Instagram official.

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