Week 2 – A little more player friendly, co-op and new map info

A little more player friendly

We saw that many players just turn off the game – because they say there is not enough content even for EA and on the other hand we have people playing 20-50 hours, building castles even though the castle update is still not here. So we asked ourselves what is wrong?

1. Skill tree.

Skill Tree3

The unlocked blueprints were hidden behind the names, so the player did not know there are swords, armors and tons of buildings waiting for him to be unlocked.
Now there is a full list to every skill – with an explanation why it is worth unlocking.

2. The campfire

It appeared a little under the ground to force the player to learn to use the hints in the right bottom corner of the screen. Well, it did not work.

„The game is broken, I cannot place my campfire anywhere.”

Message received. So on flat ground you can insta built it. So you can learn building adjusting later, when you sunk deeper into the game’s world.

So we hope these two little things will help you. Get a little more engaged with our game.

Co-op info

The co-op is postponed to 15 September. We know you all wait for it. But as we said in the previous article.

„First fix your mistakes than add new things”

And this time we really want to withstand the pressure. And check everything properly.

2. We are still working on the password protected lobbies.

We know we cannot start without it, because that is one of the worst feelings on earth. To lose your great camp or items gathered for the best armor to a troll attack. And that would happen for sure.
We don’t want you to go through this.

And 3. A new map, new items, new design, more parts to the building system


As you requested there is a new map coming, new design of many things, especially buildings, and many improvements and additions to the building system.
So in other words, there is a WIPE coming. So launching the co-op just to take your house away in a few weeks does not sound right to us.

So please be a little patient. We have a plan for it. We will do it step by step. Furthermore, we know pushing too hard is not a good idea in games. Sometimes it might get boring when you have already 20-40 hours in game. But hang in there, we will deliver.


So we are on week 2, and we have already 50 pages of ideas from our community – what our player would like to see in game

Discord.gg – hop into our discord and share you with us. Until end of September we gathered ideas, and we will announce a plan of bringing them into live over the next 2 years.

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Patch notes

Steamcommunity.com – Here you can find what was changed/fixed this week

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