I soaked my strawberries in baking soda and vinegar – the grossest things came out, you need to do it before eating

If you’re not washing your produce before you eat it, you may soon regret it.

An alarming TikTok revealed why you may want to soak your strawberries before putting them in your mouth.

Eileen Kane soaks her strawberries in vinegar and baking soda


Eileen Kane soaks her strawberries in vinegar and baking sodaCredit: TikTok
She thinks that she sees bugs coming out of the strawberries


She thinks that she sees bugs coming out of the strawberriesCredit: TikTok

Eileen Kane posted a video trying the viral strawberry trick.

According to Master Class, “The most effective way to clean pesticide residue off of strawberries is to submerge them in a vinegar bath.”

Eileen soaked her strawberries in vinegar and baking soda, and the result didn’t just clean the pesticide.

You’re supposed to leave the strawberries soaking in the bowl for five to 20 minutes depending on whether you use baking soda or vinegar.

Although both work separately, Eileen decided to mix the two solutions.

“Okay, I did the baking soda and vinegar trick,” she says as the video camera focuses on the fizz in the bowl.

She zooms in to get a closer shot of the contents of the bowl.

Through the fizz, you can see little specs moving, and they look like seeds, but Eileen isn’t so sure.

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“These guys… I thought those were seeds. What are those? Are those seeds, or are those bugs?” she nervously asks.

Eileen explains that she also saw a nat come out of one of the strawberries.

“I don’t know what those were, guys. I think they were bugs,” she admits.

Viewers claimed they weren’t bugs; they were the strawberry hairs that looked like they were moving because of the baking soda.

“Not bugs. Strawberries have little “hairs” on them and the fizzing is moving them. Hairs like a dandelion has,” one viewer explained.

But others argued against this.

One person commented: “Just a little bugs since they come from the ground you know. No worst than the cancerous pesticides that don’t wash off.”

Do you see any bugs in there?


Do you see any bugs in there?Credit: TikTok

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