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EastEnders fans blast Ben’s ‘unrealistic’ hospital scene

A recent episode of the hit soap saw Ben Mitchell rushed to hospital after suffering an overdose, but fans were not too impressed with the scene.

Specifically, many eagle-eyed fans spotted inaccuracies in how doctors treated the troubled character.

“I’m aware Easties isn’t real”, one wrote, “but a bit of effort to maintain a sense of reality would have been good in tonight’s episode.”

They added: “Right on Ben’s chest with no airway clearance, no head tilt, no intubation, no oxygen, no line, then still no oxygen on arrival at hospital!”

A second viewer agreed: “Having been in a similar situation trying to keep someone alive until the paramedics arrived, I’m finding Ben’s colour too ‘alive’.”

“If he’s not been breathing his pallor would have been just white with a more blue tinge. What’s it take EE to get makeup right.”

Another fan then noted: “So they do CPR on ben in the street .. yet arrives at hospital no leads ,mask or any sign of assistance.”

“These hospital scenes are so unrealistic really, it’s laughable”, another complained.

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