3 weeks after launch!

Hello Runners!

It’s been three weeks and we’re back from our vacations! Are you all having a good time with Running on Magic?

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We want to thank all the love and all the support we are getting since the release of Running on Magic, it has been very well received and you love it!

Also, we would like to thank all the people who reported bugs and gave us feedback with their opinions about the game, it’s very important for us and helps us to improve as a studio.

We are currently working on an update to fix a few issues related to level-generation and bringing some quality-of-life changes to improve the game.

We encourage you to keep letting us know your opinions about Running on Magic, both good and bad, so we can keep improving the game!

If you have not tried Running on Magic yet check it here! Also available on Nintendo Switch and XBOX!

I hope you enjoy the game!

For anything you need, join our discord: Meteorbyte Discord Server

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See you soon!

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