Weekly Horoscope: August 1 – 7

Action planet Mars meets with Uranus, the planet of surprises, in grounded Taurus, which can spark a movement in something that usually doesn’t move around much! Make sure you practice safety first, and calculate your risks, as the two meet at 7:53 PM on Monday, August 1.

There are some pleasant surprises as Venus gently harmonizes with Uranus at 8:25 AM on Tuesday, August 2. Anything that feels unsettled gets smoothed over. Peace is made with insecurity or instability. This is a fun time for experimenting with aesthetics, too! Venus then connects with Mars at 9:59 PM: This is damage control for any risks taken or outbursts that occurred during the Mars-Uranus conjunction. It’s easy to agree on a course of action.


Mercury can finally get all of its tasks in order when it comes home to Virgo on Thursday, August 4, at 2:57 AM. Mercury in Virgo can put a name or label on things that are usually emotional or abstract. Use the coming weeks of Mercury in Virgo to write, communicate, and gather your thoughts!

Emotions flow as Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune on Sunday, August 7, at 12:42 PM, which makes people more tender-hearted and open to empathizing. We can value things that are supernatural or purely emotional.

The going gets tough as Mars clashes with Saturn on Sunday, August 7, at 3:56 PM. The tough also get going, you know. Anything that requires stamina, dedication, and persistence, can be addressed with patience and extreme focus. People are doing some heavy lifting, so be gentle.

All times ET.

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Aries glyph

Aries: March 20, 2022 – April 19, 2022

Recklessness might not come as a surprise as your planetary ruler Mars meets with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. You’re doing what needs to be done in order to attain stability. You’re willing to pay the price. There is a constant excitement that keeps your fire going. Your home and family offer you rest and reprieve from the hustle as Venus connects with Uranus and Mars. Any blunder can be seen as a happy accident. All mistakes can be forgiven. You are extremely focused on your goals and future plans as Mars squares off with Saturn, pushing you to the limit. Remember you can always go to your happy place if you need a break!

Taurus glyphs


Taurus: April 19, 2022 – May 20, 2022

You are breaking out of the mold as action planet Mars meets with Uranus, the planet of rebellion. You can surprise yourself. There is a strong urge for freedom and to do whatever feels right, even if it might ruffle some feathers or make some people momentarily uncomfortable. If it feels true to you, you’re going to do it, and do it big. Your planetary ruler Venus connects with Uranus and Mars, helping you smooth over any rough edges that appeared when you broke out of that glass cage. You’re able to express your feelings with tenderness. You are dreaming about the future, with a very strong imagination, with Venus in strong harmony with Neptune. A serious undertaking reaches the next step as Mars clashes with Saturn, asking you to put in the work.

Gemini glyph

Gemini: May 20, 2022 – June 21, 2022

You’re thinking more about your home and private life as your planetary ruler Mercury enters Virgo. Find a quiet place to think and clear your mind over the coming weeks. You may be connecting with your roots, or just figuring out the details of your living situation. New conversations about your home are beginning. Leo season is already a very busy and chatty time for you as you run errands and explore your neighborhood. Now it’s time to really see what foundations exist in order to find stability and security. You’re dreaming up ways to afford your lifestyle and feeling sensitive about  your work as Venus harmonizes with Neptune. There are creative resolutions to your job and income, and an ability to portray yourself as especially glamorous or luxurious.

Cancer glyph


Cancer: June 21, 2022 – July 22, 2022

Mars meets with Uranus, the planet of surprises—the future seems so out of control! Mars also clashes with Saturn, which can make it feel like a lot of the options require cooperation, trust, or to let someone else have the last word. You’re able to make a very lovely case for yourself and your desires as Venus, in your sign, gently connects with Uranus and Mars. All you have to do is ask for what you want, and you will receive. This requires an ability to trust in your own desires, and to have courage to rise to the occasion. You might find that you and your earnest demands are the missing piece that eases peoples’ worries or pain. A hopeful balm soothes the sting as Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune.

Leo glyph

Leo: July 22, 2022 – August 22, 2022

According to the Laws of Power: If one makes a big enough scene, they can stay relevant. It’s like the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad press. As fabulous as Leo is, not everyone is a celebrity—sometimes all of the attention is annoying! Look out for urges to pull something akin to a PR stunt as action planet Mars meets with Uranus. The more controversy that’s stirred up, the more attention is channeled, but consider the true worth of the attention you’re getting. Venus, the planet of values, connects with Uranus and Mars, helping you gain insight into your unconscious, psychological motives behind any behavioral outbursts, either yours or the ones that you’re doing damage control for.

Virgo glyph


Virgo: August 22, 2022 – September 22, 2022

Mental clarity and an ability to process your ideas come as your planetary ruler Mercury returns home to your sign. Take advantage of your sharper mind over the coming weeks. You’ll be able to understand yourself, and because of this, express yourself! You’re figuring out what works best for you and the pace can pick up.  However, time on other people’s clocks is pretty slow. It can be challenging to figure out exactly what commitments look like as Mars clashes with Saturn. Have patience! For now you’re able to know how you can show up and in what capacity. You have faith in your relationships and are dreaming about a future together as Venus harmonizes with Neptune. You’re extra sensitive to others, which can bring relationships closer.

Libra glyph

Libra: September 22, 2022 – October 23, 2022

You’re getting recognized with your planetary ruler Venus in a very public and prominent sector of your chart. Venus gently connects with Uranus and Mars, which has you gracefully responding to unusual requests or advancements. There can be some destabilizing  transformations that you handle with style and care. You’re nursing wounds. Look out for how you represent yourself online or in the public eye. With Venus trine Neptune, you can come across in ways that you don’t intend to—people are going to be sensitive! Making yourself out to be glamorous can serve you well, and you have a lot to be proud of, but stay humble. Remember empathy, but don’t mistake other people’s feelings as your own.

Scorpio glyph


Scorpio: October 23, 2022 – November 22, 2022

Your relationships take an unexpected turn as your planetary ruler Mars meets with Uranus, the planet of surprises. You’re moving into the next phase of your relationships, and how you see yourself in them. There is a willingness to do things that are unconventional and try something different, just for the sake of keeping the peace. Venus connects with Uranus and Mars, so emotional conversations about the feelings that any instability provokes are flowing. It’s easy for feelings to be assured and soothed. Dynamics in relationships can dig up familial baggage with Mars squaring off with Saturn: This can be an opportunity to push back against predictability, and rewrite the script. It will take effort, but your strong beliefs and sense of purpose can carry you through.

Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius: November 22, 2022 – December 21, 2022

Leo season has you sharing your ideas with the world, and thinking about what you believe in as a whole. You’re looking off into the distance and getting really nerdy. Mercury, the planet of communication and writing, moves into a very public sector of your chart. Now that you’ve thought about things, you’re ready to state the facts that support your beliefs. Sagittarius is a sign that knows what’s right in their hearts, but doesn’t always cite sources. Over the next few weeks, you have the receipts to prove everything that you stand for, and can step into your authority on the topic. There are some deep emotional undercurrents happening as Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, which can make your feelings blurry. Find emotional clarity through silence and meditation.

Capricorn glyph


Capricorn: December 21, 2021 – January 19, 2022

What wouldn’t you do for love? Mars and Uranus meet and you’re emboldened to go the extra mile. You’re chasing after an unconventional passion that might be outside of what is expected, forging your own path. The planet of harmony, Venus, connects with Uranus and Mars, and you’re able to attract people and relationship dynamics that can follow your colorful lead. Relationships have a fairytale glow as Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, making it easy for sentiment to overflow. Mars clashes with your planetary ruler, Saturn, asking you to come up with the time or resources to follow through with your plan for happiness. You have to find a way to make do with what you have, or be creative!

Aquarius glyphs

Aquarius: January 19, 2022 – February 18, 2022

You are willing to go to new extremes in your home life as Mars meets with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. For example, you wouldn’t mind going to live on a houseboat or a faraway neighborhood. However, you have to remember that one day you might want visitors, or you might want to step outside for some fresh air. You’re able to make your lifestyle work for you as Venus connects with Uranus and Mars, helping you feel like you can get into a routine despite the unusual or unsettling setting. You’re carving out space for yourself as Mars clashes with your planetary ruler, Saturn. This is a commitment, and a hard push. If you feel stuck in your decision, ask yourself what someone you respect or hold in high regard would think.

Pisces glyph

Pisces: February 18, 2022 – March 20, 2022

New conversations are happening in your relationships as Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your partnerships sector. Mercury will stay there for a few weeks, helping you to understand the details of other people’s lives in a way that brings you closer together. This can also be a good time to communicate your desires in relationships, but what you desire can be a little hard to grasp and abstract, however real! You are waxing poetic as love planet Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, giving you creative inspiration, artistic sensitivity, and an ability to deeply empathize. It’s a touchy time. Know when to avoid wearing mascara, or when to carry some tissues—in case the water works start. The feelings are flowing!