I’m plus-size & tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS swimsuit – it offered NO support in the boob area

WHEN one influencer ordered a swimsuit from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS swim collection, she couldn’t wait to try it on.

Once she had the swimwear on her body, though, the fashion expert wasn’t totally satisfied with the look.

When Iris Beilin received her SKIMS swimwear, she couldn't wait to try the clothes on


When Iris Beilin received her SKIMS swimwear, she couldn’t wait to try the clothes onCredit: TikTok/irisbeilin

In a clip posted to TikTok, Iris Beilin captured the moment her long-awaited SKIMS swim order arrived at her home.

Grabbing the box of new clothes, she danced in front of the camera, sneaking a peek at what was within: the scoop neck one piece, $88.

Beilin ordered the swimsuit, which comes in seven colors and nine sizes, in the Cocoa shade and a size 2X.

But even though her excitement was evident on-screen, the video’s caption hinted at what would happen when Beilin put the swimsuit on.

“Sometimes I be forgetting the clothes doesn’t come with the body,” Beilin wrote, pairing the comment with a series of distressed-looking emojis.

When she tried the swimsuit on, Beilin’s dissatisfaction became even more apparent.

Beilin tried on the suit, but wasn't impressed by the lack of support in the chest


Beilin tried on the suit, but wasn’t impressed by the lack of support in the chestCredit: TikTok/irisbeilin

The influencer cut to a clip of herself checking out the one-piece bathing suit in the mirror. Gesturing at her chest, Beilin grimaced and mouthed an emphatic “no.”

“Remembering I don’t have a boob job so that means no ‘support,'” she wrote in the caption, calling out the lack of padding or other reinforcement in the swimsuit.

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Beilin noted that if she wasn’t careful, the swimsuit could easily lead to NSFW moments in public.

“Wrong move, the girls are out,” she warned other big-chested women.

In the comments, a few viewers pointed out that Beilin’s chest looked lifted, shapely, and secure.

If she moved or swam, Beilin warned, her chest would be totally exposed


If she moved or swam, Beilin warned, her chest would be totally exposedCredit: TikTok/irisbeilin

“What do you mean? They are sitting good,” one commenter said.

That’s when Beilin revealed her secret: before filming, she’d secured her boobs in place to make sure they wouldn’t slip out of the top.

“I had to seat them up for the video,” she confessed.

Beilin wasn’t the only one – a few other SKIMS customers reported they wear extra support under their swimwear, too.

“I had a strapless under mine,” one viewer shared.

Another handful of commenters suggested Beilin try a different size, then adjust the straps to be tighter or looser on her body, which may provide more support.

Beilin said in a comment that she’d considered it, but sizing down would likely make the swimsuit too tight on her lower body.

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And she thanked the commenters who said the swimsuit fit her perfectly, admitting that while it looked nice, it was too hazardous to wear out of the house.

“It has no support so if I move or swim my girl are outside,” she wrote.