American Pickers fans beg show to get ‘RID’ of Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie as he parties after Frank Fritz’s stroke

AMERICAN Pickers fans are begging executive producers to get rid of Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie as he was spotted partying after Frank Fritz had a stroke.

Mike, 58, recently promoted the all-new episode of American Pickers on Twitter which led to harsh reactions.

American Pickers fan want Mike Wolfe's brother Robbie Wolfe off the show


American Pickers fan want Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie Wolfe off the showCredit: Instagram/@rjwolfepicker
All this comes after former American Pickers star Frank Fritz was hospitalized for a stroke


All this comes after former American Pickers star Frank Fritz was hospitalized for a strokeCredit: Coleman-Rayner

The tweet mentioned that the History Channel star would be negotiating “a price with Wes Boddie and Austin Pike for an A.P. Simms Fine Whiskey jug from the 1920s.”

Unfortunately, fans were not hyped about the new episode of the reality show. 

Instead, viewers demanded Mike’s older brother to be removed from the show.

One fan said: “Is Robbie in the episode? If so, I can’t watch. He should not be on camera.

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“Leave him to come and pick up cars. That’s where he belongs! The rating drops are directly tied to him.”

Another added: “Unless Frank is in the new episode, it won’t be worth watching! Robbie is a disaster, but Mike won’t admit it!”

A third fan chimed in: “Man, I used to love this show, but it’s gone way downhill since Frank left. The chemistry he and Mike had on the show was great. Mike’s brother is awful.”

Recently, Robbie, 60 – who replaced Frank on the show – shared an Instagram photo of himself surrounded by Elvis Presley impersonators.

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At the Bix 7 Road Race in Davenport, Iowa, the TV star posed with his finger pointed straight ahead, like the numerous lookalikes around him, as they took part in the race.

Robbie appeared to be having fun at the event, which was held in commemoration of jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke.

He captioned the post: “Good times Bix Road Race.”

However, in the comments section, fans made it clear they have not warmed up to Frank’s replacement.

They argued that Robbie has been a curse on the show and the reason behind the ratings plummeting.

Robbie’s post came sixteen days after former host Frank, 56, suffered a stroke– he has remained in the hospital so far.


The Sun exclusively revealed that a friend at Frank’s home in Iowa made the harrowing emergency call.

The dispatcher asked Frank’s friend: “Okay, tell me exactly what happened.” 

His pal replied: “I just showed up at my friend’s house here, and he was sprawled out on his floor. He can’t speak to me. He might be seizuring (sic). I’m not sure.” 

The dispatcher responded: “Okay, stay on the phone. Don’t hang up,” 

The emergency call was placed on July 14th before 11 am.

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The stroke happened about one year after he was fired from his role on the TV show.

The former American Pickers co-host has struggled with alcohol addiction for years and battled Crohn’s Disease, which is a chronic inflammatory bowel condition.

Meanwhile, Robbie partied with Elvis Presley impersonators


Meanwhile, Robbie partied with Elvis Presley impersonatorsCredit: Instagram
Fans now want Robbie to be fired from the show


Fans now want Robbie to be fired from the showCredit: A+E Networks
Mike and Frank's friendship has been a rollercoaster


Mike and Frank’s friendship has been a rollercoasterCredit: Getty