Inside Kevin Kyne’s life after prison as chilling 911 calls reveal bizarre accusations in mom Diane’s murder

CHILLING 911 calls have revealed bizarre accusations in the murder of Kevin Kyne’s mom, Diane.

Kevin and his stepfather, Bill, both accused the other of Diane Kyne’s August 2010 murder, which is being revisited in an episode of Dateline.

Diane Kyne was murdered in August 2010


Diane Kyne was murdered in August 2010Credit: NBC
Both Kevin Kyne and Bill Kyne called 911 that day giving conflicting stories


Both Kevin Kyne and Bill Kyne called 911 that day giving conflicting storiesCredit: NBC

On August 15, 2010, Kevin first called 911 claiming that Bill had killed Diane.

“Help me, please,” he said. “He killed my mom.”

“He’s outside my house,” Kevin continued, implying that Bill was trying to kill him. “He’s choking me.”

But moments later, Bill called 911 from the same location and shared a different story.

“My son just killed my wife,” he said.

“He and my wife were arguing and he was choking her.”

When authorities arrived to the home, they found Diane dead on her bed.

It was later determined that she died of asphyxiation or strangulation.


Diane was not Bill’s first wife to die at that Florida home.

His wife, Krista, died shortly before he met Diane, according to Oxygen.

Krista’s death was ruled an accident and Bill collected about $250,000 from an insurance policy.

He collected other insurance policy payouts on Diane as well, totaling about $750,000, Dateline reports.

Bill later failed parts of a lie detector test related to Diane’s death.

Investigators also found his DNA on his late wife’s neck.

“We were a very loving couple,” Bill said.

“We slept in the same bed together, yeah, my DNA should be on her.”


Kevin, who also goes by Kevin Karakash, was living with his mother while recovering from a benign brain tumor.

The young man reportedly had a history of violence, with law enforcement officials having been called to his home five years prior during a dispute with a family member.

Bill claimed that Kevin had shown violent tendencies in multiple incidents at the home, including one where the man claims Kevin pulled a knife on Diane.

Diane and Bill had reportedly taken legal action to keep Kevin out of their home, but he was soon allowed back in, Oxygen reports.

At the scene of Diane’s murder, investigators found Kevin’s crushed glasses, shoe, and drops of his blood.


Kevin was arrested in 2010 but released after passing a lie detector test relating to the murder.

However, he was arrested again in 2011 and found guilty in 2012 of first-degree murder.

Kevin was sentenced to life in prison for his mother’s murder, but was released after a second trial was granted and he was found not guilty.

There has been no resolution in the case.

However, both Kevin and Bill have had run-ins with the law in the years following Diane’s murder.

Kevin was arrested again in September 2016 on a felony battery charge following an incident at a pool hall.

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Bill, meanwhile, was arrested in 2019 after crashing his motorcycle into a group of cyclists and leaving the scene.

He also wrote a memoir about the deaths of his three wives entitled “Love That Lasts a Lifetime.”