Jon Stewart Masterfully Trolled Fox News With A Hunter Biden Joke While Fighting Like Hell For A Veterans’ Health Bill

Jon Stewart unloaded on Fox News today over Republican lawmakers’ refusal to pass a much-needed bill to help veterans exposed to burn pits.

Stewart, who’s been fighting to secure medical benefits for vets since late last year, made headlines this week when he called out the GOP for blocking the bill which was intended to help military servicemen and women suffering from various ailments as a result of the toxic pits. First, Stewart slammed Republican Congressmembers who voted down the bill, saying “If this is ‘America First’ then America is f*cked.”

Now, Stewart is popping up on Fox News, hoping to plead with the network’s conservative fanbase while getting in a few digs at some of the more ridiculous reporting the news platform has done in the past. You can watch Stewart’s full tirade below:

First, Stewart appealed to Fox News fans by trying to debunk some of the misinformation surrounding the bill before directing them to, where they could read it for themselves.

“No spending that is not related to veterans has been added to this bill,” Stewart said. “No last-minute budget gimmicks have been added to this bill. This bill is purely based on toxic exposure, health care, and benefits to veterans.”

Then, for good measure, Stewart snuck in a Hunter Biden joke, using one of Fox News’ favorite punching bags to mock the news channel’s tendency to cast a shade of conspiracy over every little thing Democrats try to get done in the House and the Senate — even medical help for vets forced to breathe in jet fuel, incinerated ammunitions, and burned human feces.

“Hunter Biden didn’t sneak in and add unrelated spending in the middle of the night,” he continued. “It is despicable to continue to use America’s men and women who are fighting for this country as political pawns for anger you have about separate issues. There is no pork in it. It is a kosher bill. I’d say halal, but I know how that might play on this network.”

(Via Mediaite)