I’m the original Supernanny and my easy tip will help you get your children to focus and listen better


SHE is the woman parents have regularly turned to over the years after she transformed family’s lives on her show Supernanny.

And Jo Frost is still helping mums and dads all over the world today, as she shares her latest tips and tricks on how to achieve a healthier and happier family life.

Jo Frost has been dishing out parenting tips for years


Jo Frost has been dishing out parenting tips for yearsCredit: This picture may be used solely for Channel 4 programme publicity purposes in connection w

Jo, 52, most recently opened up about how to get kids to focus and listen better – a struggle parents can surely empathise with. 

The TV star, who is a household name on both sides of the Atlantic, took to her Instagram account @jofrost, to give her hot take on the subject matter.

And she said it’s as simple as stopping yourself from doing one tiny thing.

She explained: “If you want your children to focus & listen better and pay attention to your directions regarding the thing you want them to do next, here’s 1 of my little tips from many…

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“The key is to stop telling them to avoid the thing you don’t want them to do…..”

Jo then continued to speak directly to parents as she demonstrated what she meant. 

She continued: “So parents listen up, don’t think of a giraffe….you get it now? Without trying you thought of the animal because our brain is wired this way.

“So do this instead next time you are at the playground or at home as it is great training ground for practice, you know my motto: #itstartsathome.”

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Jo then gave a specific example, telling parents to imagine they were in the playground with their child and the conversation that would follow.

She continued: “Say this casually: ‘Hey Max, why don’t we go and climb that big boy jungle gym with the ropes? It looks like you could do that really well. 

“Not, ‘Hey Max, let’s stop going down the slide now.’ You see the difference, parents?” 

After offering her advice, Jo shared one more top tip on how to ensure you can make your child respond to what you are saying better.

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She concluded: “Oh and don’t forget the eye contact, it’s the first point of healthy communication. 

“Wishing you all a great week, do stay hydrated,with lots of sun protection and shade to avoid heat exhaustion too.”

Jo has had plenty of success with families on her hit shows


Jo has had plenty of success with families on her hit showsCredit: E4