2023 Genesis G90 Now Available To Pre-Order Through Priority One Program

Genesis has been taking aim and punching way above its weight for some time and now it’s taking another swing at its rivals. The Korean brand has just announced that its 2023 G90 Priority One Program is open to clients in the USA. Like its previous Priority One program for the all-electric GV60, it offers owners the chance to have a very high-end purchasing and customization experience.

The 2023 G90 offers a dramatic redesign on the already quite dapper luxury sedan. In an effort to continue nipping at the heals of bigger names in the space it adds power-operated doors, massaging seats, an anti-microbial sanitation system, and even a fragrance diffuser. Adding the Priority One program is just another way to draw in buyers.

These types of programs aren’t unusual at all among high-end car brands. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and others all offer similar experiences where customers can choose specific features and work through one specific individual during the purchase process. Genesis’s Priority One program is very similar.

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Those interested can contact Genesis through its website. Then, a Priority One team member will contact the potential buyer. If the customer decides to put down a $1,000 refundable deposit ($500 more than was required for the GV60) through Priority One, will be “among the first to purchase the new 2023 G90.” That’s right, being a part of the program moves you to the front of the line for the G90.

“With its inclusion in the Genesis Priority One program, the 2023 G90 will offer the latest technologies and in-vehicle comfort amenities matched with a tailored purchase experience,” said Claudia Marquez, chief operating officer of Genesis Motor North America. “Genesis puts the customer at the center of every decision we make, and the continuation of Priority One with G90 renews that commitment.”

Those who participate in the program will have the chance to customize the vehicle with help from a personal concierge or they can complete a configuration before signing up for Priority One. That same single point of contact will help the buyer arrange for the purchase of the vehicle through a dealer.