Get a MASSIVE 50GB of data for £10 per month in new Smarty deal

SIM-only deals are storming the way in the mobile world right now with some truly spectacular deals around.

This Smarty deal not one to be missed with the SIM-only brand boosting their 30GB plan by 20GB.

Smarty are a leading SIM-only brand


Smarty are a leading SIM-only brand
  • SIM-only, 50GB data, £10 per month – buy from Smarty

If you’ve been shopping around for the best SIM-only plans, look no further than this incredible Smarty deal.

30GB for £10 is already a pretty good offer but Smarty are throwing 20GB extra data in at no cost for a whole year.

That’s a total of 50GB data for just £10 per month and perfectly timed as Voxi’s double data sale is ending today too.

Smarty’s 30-day contracts mean customers won’t face yearly price hikes and can shop around for the best deal.

SIM-only is a great stopgap for anyone waiting to see what prices for the upcoming iPhone 14 are like.

Smarty piggyback off Three’s reliable network which is one of our favourite brands, and is rolling out 5G across the country.

If you want to check out the best Three SIM-only deals, we’ve rounded up the Three deals for you.

This 50GB deal takes over from Smarty’s brilliant 100GB for £12 deal which ended yesterday (July 27) so the brand are no stranger to great offers.

Earlier this week we also reported on Smarty’s data-only SIM plans, which are the perfect way of dodging phone roaming charges when you’re on abroad.

With the summer holidays getting under way, what better time to grab some extra data for free.

Get your boosted data SIM for just £10 before this offer ends.


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