Doggo Estates – Coming Soon

The doggo real estate market is more competitive than ever!

Select your favorite dog appearance and jump into a multiplayer party game of peeing around the neighborhood.

Find an unclaimed house and cash-in your warm liquid gold

and the property is yours! The clock is ticking, and your opponents never sleep, so make sure you pee on as many houses as possible, but don’t forget to drink and eat.

You can quickly run out of your liquid currency, and delicious bones can give you the upper hand. If you come across a giant, swiftly moving motorized beast, get out of the way – you don’t want to go to doggy heaven just yet.

Don’t make a poop and try your luck! Woof, woof.


– Choose from 10 different dog breed
– Third person dog game
– Multiplayer action game
– With up to 8 players per room
– Play with friends or meet new players
– Different play modes
– A easy-in tutorial
– Traffic dogging

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