Today fans furious after Savannah Guthrie is missing from the show AGAIN during Hoda Kotb ‘feud’

TODAY fans have become furious as host Savannah Guthrie is missing from the show again amid her rumored feud with co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

Viewers have noticed that the pair have not been working together much recently and are not happy with the toll it’s taking on the quality of the show.


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Savannah and Hoda‘s reunion on the show this week, after they took turns being absent a few days last week, was short-lived, as the former was missing again on Wednesday.

This comes as the Today pair have been allegedly feuding behind the scenes for months, and now fans are upset with how it’s all affecting the morning show.

Amid the rumored rift, one fan pointed out on Wednesday: “And @SavannahGuthrie is MIA today on @TODAYshow,” along with a thinking face emoji.

A second blasted: “Okaaayyyy… @SavannahGuthrie is taking ‘another’ day off. 

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“What is going on? I’d like to know the last time #savannah and @hodakotb worked a full 2 weeks together? 

“There is absolutely ZERO consistency with the show.”

Another agreed, writing: “I’m so confused every time I watch it. There’s always a different combination of people!”

A fourth sarcastically asked: “Does Savannah Guthrie actually work at Today? 

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“She’s off more than she’s there. Can’t even remember the last time all 4 of your regulars were there together.”

“I can’t stand @SavannahGuthrie anymore,” another declared. “I used to like her ok, but the past several years I can’t stand to even hear her voice.” 

They added: “I’m w/ @hodakotb all the way. She’s more real, genuine, true to herself & not near cringy like Savannah.”

Many fans have pointed out that whether she is on with Hoda or other co-hosts, Savannah seems to have the same “rude” behavior toward everyone, and they want her “fired” from the show.

One TODAY fan simply wondered after watching the morning show on Tuesday: “Why is Savannah just so rude all the time…”

Another blasted at the 50-year-old host: “You treat Hoda, Carson Daly, Craig Melvin, and everyone else on the show like s**t. 

“Stop interrupting people and being rude. You ain’t all that. You need to go.”

A third said TODAY used to be their “favorite morning show” but it has since become “hard to watch.”

While viewers are saying Savannah often interrupts others on the show, they specifically pointed out a time she did so last week with co-host Carson.

He shot the camera a frustrated look as she cut him off as he tried to give his monologue on pop culture news for the day.

Fans have even been threatening to boycott the morning show, unless Savannah is either let go or she changes her behavior.

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Even though Savannah and Hoda appear friendly toward each other on TV, a source close to production recently revealed to The Sun that the co-hosts secretly “can’t stand each other.” 

The insider added that Savannah “thinks of herself as a real news person,” while Hoda is seen as “the lightweight that drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford.” 


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