Andy Murray opens up on injury hell: ‘I was in constant pain even when I walked the dogs’

Andy Murray has opened up on his battles with injury, saying the pain from his hip problem used to cause him ‘constant pain.’

Murray was forced off the ATP Tour in the middle of 2017 as he sought a solution for a degenerative hip injury.

That solution took him three years to find, and it looked desperate enough at one time for him to appear to announce his retirement at the 2019 Australian Open.

It was eventually solved by a resurfacing operation and he is now back in the world’s top 50 and looking much more like his old self as we head into Wimbledon.

“I was in constant pain even when I went to walk the dogs so I think, initially, it’s difficult to deal with but then over time the consistency of the pain and it just being every single day sort of wore me down,” Murray told The Emma Barnett Meets show.

“I filmed a documentary during my rehab and the injuries and surgeries and stuff and when I watch that back I kind of realize, which I didn’t whilst

“I was going through it, like I was in a pretty bad place. So, I probably didn’t deal with it particularly well you know in the end but it had been going on for a long time and it was stopping me from doing what I love as well.

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