Rapper Lil Tjay shooting updates — Rumors swirl claiming star is dead after undergoing emergency surgery

Lil Tjay vs Rubi Rose, concluded

Lil Tjay said: “She flew in to see me, seen some girls on my phone, got mad, overreacted.”

The hitmaker further shared: “You know, she tried to call them people [the police] on me for no reason.

“That was just so left field for me. You know I’m from New York, you not going to the police. You don’t even want nobody to speak about that after.

“You don’t see that a lot. So I’m just like, in disbelief. It was a whole little internet moment.”

He added: “Me today, you’ll never see that from me ever again.”

“I don’t want no negative. I’m trying to stay positive. That was a waste of my time, you feel me?”

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